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Dallas Children's Dance Classes - Rules

Here are a few suggestions to help the classes go more smoothly, so we get the most out of our dance class time.

  1. Make sure students go to the restroom right before class.
  2. Have students in class on time. When students arrive late it disrupts class and sometimes upsets the late student. If you are late (which happens to us all), please put the correct shoes on your child or bare feet and send him/her into class.
  3. Send students into class when I call for them. If your child wants you to assist him/her into class, lead them in and leave. Try not to linger as this does disrupt class and sometimes tends to bring tears the longer the parent stays.
  4. Please do not open the classroom door to release the students from class. I will open the door and dismiss class when everyone is in line and belongings are intact.
  5. Please try not to discuss matters with me during or between classes, so I can start my next class on time.

Thank you so much for your understanding and cooperation. If you have a question or a problem please feel free to let me know.

Dance Attire

Girls wear red leotard, white tights, black tap shoes with ¼ inch elastic, and white ballet shoes with white elastic. Parents are responsible for buying this attire, which will be necessary for performances. Ms. Patti will provide the tap elastic. No bows on tap shoes. Boys should wear school clothes or shorts, and black tap shoes and black ballet shoes with black elastic, which are to be purchased by the parents.

Dancewear and shoes may be purchased at Sandy’s Dancewear, 2211 Gus Thomasson Rd. in Casa View Shopping Center, 214-321-1764. Some Target and Walmart stores carry dance shoes.

Students will have a Holiday Performance in December at the SAPCC Christmas Party. Girls will perform in the red leotard and white tights, and parents will need to purchase additional accessories for the performances, such as a Christmas shirt designed by Ms. Patti. Parents will be notified well in advance. Red leotard can be found ONLY at a true dance store, like Sandy’s. Look in the phone book or online for a dance store near you.